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Crochet Bow Cuff Slipper Boots

Dainty Fairy Crochet Dress

Birthday Giveaway!

Today is my birthday and I figured that a giveaway would be a great way to celebrate it. There are a couple of cool things up for grabs.


1 Copy of my newest paid pattern 1 week in advance of it being listed for sale. (1 winner)

1 Balls of Loops & Threads Charisma (1 winner)

1 Set of Knitter’s Pride Crochet Hooks (1 winner)

1 Set of Knitter’s Pride Nova Platina Interchangeable Needles (1 winner)

1 Copy of my Pretty Flower Hat Pattern (25 winners)

1 Copy of my Lovely & Sweet Sweater Pattern (25 winners)

1 Pair of Susan Bates Knitting Needles (1 winner)

2 Hanks of Manos Wool Classico (1 winner)

1 Crochet Dude Bloom Loom (1 winner)

1 Susan Bates Row Counter (1 winner)

1 Hank of Reclaimed Silk (1 winner)

IMG_2303 IMG_2313







There are also 2 other giveaways live on Busting Stitches right now.  One is the Yarn Pop Giveaway and the other is the Big Hook Rag Crochet Book Giveaway.

Here is my Birthday Giveaway!

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Review of Yarn Pop Bags

Review of  Yarn Pop© Bags


*I received these samples in exchange for a review. This review is my opinion only. *

             Okay, I went on a search to find a bag for my yarn. Well, first I went on a search for yarn bowls.   I quickly realized that that wouldn’t be practical for a home with 5 kids running around. Then, I started looking for a bag from which to crochet. I thought about buying all the supplies and rigging something up, but let’s be serious. I really wasn’t in a sewing mood. I just wanted to crochet on the go without having a crazy mess or even worse no where to place my yarn without it picking up lent and dust.

           There were only a few requirements. It needed to work well with different types of yarn and keep my yarn free of dirt.  Also it needed to be cute, durable, and convenient.  I found Yarn Pop©.

         Yarn Pop© comes in tons of cute color options. It zips completely shut to keep dirt and debris off of the yarn too! The bags have a range of options. They have a hole in them to allow the yarn to come through. It is big enough for yarn with sequins to fit through!!!! These bags are constructed very well.


       That was a really great feature. My only issue with it was that I couldn’t remove the project from the bag without finishing or cutting the yarn. Which really isn’t a big deal since they are so cute and convenient to carry.


Yes, that means that the other project is finished.

This one has a hole on each side and a zippered pocket to keep the 2 balls of yarn separate! I am keeping this one for myself.


This is the other one that I am keeping for myself.  It has a zippered top and pockets on the inside with 3 holes on the outside.


Here are the 3 bags that are apart of the giveaway


One has 2 holes, one has 1 hole and one has 3 holes and a flip top.


Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!
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